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Whole Foods


We all know that whole food nutrition is what our body craves to build a strong immune system. But finding, cooking and consuming nutrient dense whole foods in large quantities simply isn't easy. Period.

Juice Plus is my go-to for flooding my body with a ton of nutritious goodness. Its just straight vegetables, fruits and berries, vine-ripened, juiced, dried and put into a capsule, gummy or shake. That's it. Nothing else. It's certified as a NSF food product.

As a wellness advocate for this product, and a daily user for the past 3 years, I can answer any and all questions about Juice Plus. Here's a link to my site's clinical research section to get you started! Click Here

I'm also a sales rep for Tower Gardens, which allows you to both grow organic produce fast and without soil AND secure your family's vital food supply chain.


CBD & Cannabis

CBD and cannabis provide a powerful method of repairing and protecting our immune systems by healing our endocannabinoid system and helping the body achieve a state of homeostasis. That's the short and sweet version. Choosing the right products and combinations to help heal your body requires research, trusted advisors and some experimentation. But don't worry, it's a beautiful journey to finding your perfect CBD/Cannabis tool kit.

  • Weekly CBD specials from my preferred producers can be found at this link. I only promote products I know, use & trust! Click here for the latest specials.

  • A plethora of educational resources can be found at Green Flower Media

  • The Rebel's Apothecary provides a solid foundation for understanding and introducing CBD & Cannabis into your healing toolkit. Order a copy here


Joy Organics is one of my preferred producers. As an exclusive affiliate, I have special coupons for their products, so please reach out if you'd like to learn more and save. Click here and use the code: CSTREETSPEEPS to get 20% off your entire order Premium grade, Zero THC CBD products at 20% off! Woot!


Medicinal mushrooms are one of the "must have" elements in my holistic toolkit. For over a decade, I've used this fabulous fungi to keep my immune system functioning at its optimal level. Mushrooms are a diverse, yet abundant medicinal plant that will help you create a barrier between you and the rest of our world. This little fungus miracle, along with cannabis & hemp, has the ability to help cleanse the very soil it grows within, helping heal the planet as well. Can you tell I'm a big fan?

  • My go to for ordering my daily capsules is Host Defense. Be sure to check out their owner, Paul Stamets' work with the science and healing aspects of the plant. He's the world's leading fungi expert.

  • I'm also a fan of NatureAlm's Sacred7 powder extract. If you're on a budget & want to get seven amazing mushrooms in one spoonful, this is your jam. I make a mushroom coffee every morning to kick my day off & skip the jitters! Click here to order a bag now!

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